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March 14, 2019
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March 16, 2019

The Legal Services department of the Commission was established in June 2002.

Legal Services

The Legal Services department of the Commission was established in June 2002. Currently, the staff strength of the department is nine (9), made up of the Director, Deputy Director, two senior legal officers, and five other staff. Going by its functions, and extant organogram, the department has two main divisions namely; Drafting, Research and Documentation Division and Litigation and Conflict Resolution.

Divisional Distribution of Functions

A. Drafting, Research & Documentation

The functions of the legal Drafting, Research and Documentation includes drafting legal instruments/documents such as:

  • Documents creating contractual relationship between the Commission and Contractors, corporate bodies and individuals.
  • Drafting or vetting documents or instruments relating to the interest in property of the Commission.
  • Conduct of searches on the companies and business names that are to have contractual relationship with the Commission.
  • Registration of instrument relating to the property of the Commission where applicable.
  • Coordinating the documentation and verification of claimants during compensation exercise.
  • Coordinating returns to corporate Affairs Commission on the Commission’s commercial operations where applicable.
  • Keeping and monitoring trends on all Advance Payment Guarantees (APGs) and providing updates on them.

B. Litigation and Conflict Resolution Division

  • Appearing for and representing the Commission in Court in any litigation in which the Commission may be involved.
  • Providing legal opinion on claims made against the Commission by any person or body of persons.
  • Forming part of negotiation team in which the Commission may desire.
  • Serve as co-ordinating secretariat for peace and conflict resolution committee of the Commission.
  • Law Library.