January 19, 2018
April 22, 2018

OSOPADEC seeks collaboration on empowerment through agriculture

In an effort to alleviate poverty and improve the standard of living of the people of the mandate areas of the Commission, the Chairman of OSOPADEC, Hon. (Barr.) Olugbenga Edema led a team of Management Staff on a tour to Animal Care Services Konsult Nigeria Limited, Ogere Remo, Ogun State, on Wednesday, February 27, 2018.

Speaking during a roundtable discussion with the Animal Care team, Hon. Edema said that the sole aim of the visit was to seek collaboration on creating a commercial agricultural enterprise in the Commission’s mandate areas. According to him, this will create job opportunities for our teeming youths and as well be a push to Government’s effort at the reduction of over-reliance on oil. He opined that this venture should be self-sustaining when fully on stream and would also be a source of internally generated revenue for the Commission.

He noted that there had been various empowerment initiatives in the past and so much money had also been expended on such but they were not sustainable because they were not situated on proper foundation. In his words, “We have decided that instead of giving dole-outs as empowerment, we want to have a commercial enterprise in the agricultural sector that will empower people and create more jobs in line with the vision of the present administration in Ondo State, and in the process generate income for the Commission. What becomes of the Commission in the absence of oil?” He queried.

Responding, the President of Animal Care Services Konsult Nigeria Limited, Dr. Olatunde Agbato, assured the OSOPADEC team of their readiness to provide technical expertise and the desired Consultancy services to ensure a smooth take-off of the proposed enterprise.